Complete Solutions for Industrial Valves

Complete Solutions for Industrial Valves

As one of the leading valve manufacturers in the world, NEWAY specializes in the development of innovative valve designs through intensive R&D programs and a commitment to excellence, engineering, and manufacturing valve solutions for all industries.

NEWAY's main product lines include Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, and Butterfly valves with innovative quality designs recognized by many global users and EPC's. These products have been installed throughout the world in gas, oil, refining, chemical, marine, power generation, and pipeline transmission.

NEWAY's Facilities

NEWAY's valve manufacturing facilities are among the most advanced in the world today. NEWAY has developed and implemented a group management manufacturing system called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) based on multi-plant manufacturing. Valves are manufactured in six specialized production facilities that are linked by an intranet system of over 600 computers connecting engineering to the CNC machining centers and the bar-coded warehouse system. In-house testing capabilities include fire-safe, cryogenic, high pressure gas, and fugitive emission testing.

Quality Assurance

NEWAY's quality assurance is dedicated to the pursuit of zero-defect valves to customers. They perform active Six Sigma quality management to continually enhance process control management based on advanced statistical data analysis. NEWAY's industrial certificates include ISO 9001, CE/PED, TA-Luft, API 6A, API 6D, ABS, and Fire-Safe approvals.

Legacy Flow Control’s automation capability can provide a complete automation solution for NEWAY’s valves including self-contained hydraulic ESD, electro-hydraulic ESD, pneumatic or hydraulic, or direct gas for oil and gas production facilities, plants, and pipelines.