At Legacy Flow Control, we work with each customer to understand your exact application requirements including flow parameters, budget, and time constraints. From there, we determine the proper valve type, pressure class, end connections, metallurgy, seats, and seals. If automation is required, we'll work with you to fully understand how the actuator should function. We'll size the right valve, select the right actuator and accessories, and assemble and test the completed package for accuracy prior to delivery.

Our objective is to provide the best package to meet your budget and deliver within your time frame. Unless your project is longer term, we won't waste your time by providing a quote with a ridiculous lead time. We will hunt everywhere within our network to find what we need to meet your delivery requirements.

We believe that communication is key. You'll never be left in the dark if you give us an opportunity to serve you. We will keep you informed of everything we're doing throughout the process.